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Sonatina for Flute and Piano

Sonatina for Flute and Piano is a three movement work, utilizing a traditional cyclical form. The first movement-- "Vivace"-- is energetic in character and demonstrates both fiery intensity and soft delicateness. "Adagio," the second movement, does not contain the rhythmic strictness of the first movement, but rather, has a rubato feel to it, the Larghetto section oozing with expressiveness. The finale-- "Allegro Moderato"-- contains a strong feeling of motion, tenacity, and energy, but with graceful warmth. In a humorous gesture, the initial motive from the first movement returns briefly towards the end of the finale. The most interesting aspect of this work is the actual musical material itself. It presents complex musical forms in a very listenable and catchy manner. The melodic lines present an almost "popular music'" like quality in which the audience can grasp several thematic notions with little effort.


Audio performed by Bonney Kim (flute) and Andrey Kasparov (piano)