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Marching Band Music

Mystic Shadows

1. Ominous Arrival

2. Stasis

3. Shadow Dance



Mystic Shadows is comprised of 3 movements. The overall show has a dark and ominous quality but is presented with fun and energy. The ballad invites interchangeable soloist options for any instrument rather than just the default flute. Both the opener and closer provide many opportunities for the pit and drumline to showcase themselves without extraneous gaps in the music or a lost of musicality. Mystic Shadows provides an easy chance to put numerous dark, fanciful show ideas on the field for any performing ensemble.


United We Stand-- commissioned by Landstown High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia (2013)  

1. Friction

2. Connections

3. Rockin' America



United We Stand is not the typical patriotic show as it is not a medley of arrangements but is full of its own original ideas. The opener makes slight allusions to the Star Spangled Banner's opening motive but clashes it with a minor tonality creating “Friction.” “Friction” is about the lack of unity among the masses. The ballad provides beautiful lyrical and lush sound opportunities as people start to make “Connections.” The closer “Rockin' America” has a kickin' bass line and an interesting contrapuntal opposition. American The Beautiful soars over this rhythmically intense backdrop creating an illusion of polymeter.


Power As One

1. Conflict and Discord

2. A Strong, Yet Gentle Heart

3. United Force



Power As One is fun music and is about the strength of the ensemble. The outer movements are energetic, exciting and rhythmic. The ballad counters with a warm and heartfelt juxtaposition. “United Force” begs for the drumline to drive the pulse as the winds punch out blocks of powerful chords. Even a small ensemble should be able to get big sounds out of this show.




1. Drive

2. Fortified Heart

3. A Champion's Heart



Triumph is a show about a group or individual facing challenges and coming out on top. It's about the spirit of heroes and the unrelenting heart of a champion. “Drive” opens the show and is powerful. A “Fortified Heart” is a rich middle that is full of lush chords and allows the ensemble the opportunity to make a beautiful sound. The closer, “A Champion's Heart” is not the typical sound one may be used to. It starts fiery, ebbs into a more relaxed and reserved confidence, but later, a major accelerando drives it into its celebratory finish.